Can you walk through a room and sense energies and maybe even see spirits? 

Are you drawn to witchcraft but are scared to "do it wrong"?

Don’t know where to start?

Witch Army is a monthly membership for women who want to learn the basics levels of Luciferian Witchcraft to awaken their dark Lilith feminine energies to manifest the life they want.

You are a grown up woman, but I bet a part of you is still waiting for that special letter from Hogwarts...

That letter that will grant you an entry to MAGIC: a world that will show you your purpose, a place with like-minded sisters, and the power to make a difference in the world.

Right now, you are trying to operate in a muggle world that doesn’t believe that magic exists, because muggles haven’t seen it.

No wonder you feel that something is... off.

Under all of society’s layers of “musts,” “shoulds,” and “have to’s”, there's an ancient, forgotten part of you that is aching to Awaken.

This part of you wants to bring you back to who you REALLY are and what you're meant to be and to do.


Witch Army is for the BIG DREAMERS: the women who have always felt different, dellusinal, weird, nuts, mad, or even entirely bonkers. 

Because guess what?

You need to be “crazy” to become a powerful manifestor. 



  • You're a baby witch or full blown witch

  • You were the black sheep in your family

  • You have good intuition, and yet you doubt yourself and your psychic abilites

  • You're going through a spiritual awakening. You feel that you're meant for something MORE, but have no clue what it is or where to start.

  • You're constantly seeing repeating numbers, like 111 or 555, and have a feeling it's important (it is!)

  • You feel overwhelmed and isolated and want a supportive coven to practice magic with 


  • You feel so trapped because you're spending your life doing things you don't love doing; dragging yourself to a exhausting 9-5 job, paying bills, cleaning and cooking, watching Netflix, scolling through the newsfeed on facebook... looking for something but don't know what it is.

  • You're just so fucking BORED, you feel a chronic sense of wistful longing, as if something is missing, and are wondering
    "Is this it?! Isn't there more to life than THIS?!”.

  • You spiral into people pleasing because you suck at setting boundaries. You hate the idea of disappointing others but you end up feeling resentful and taken advantage. 


  • You are so safe and expansive. Your life feels like a magical fun disney movie. You receive compliments and gifts from men and complete strangers. You are going throughout your day with a deep knowing that you’re ALWAYS in the right place at the right time doing exactly what you’re doing.

  • You know exactly what your uniuqe gifts are. You know why you're here, what your true purpose in life is, what your next steps are and you are bubbling with excitement thinking about your bright future. 

  • You feel like the most powerful woman on the planet with rock-solid boundaries You put your needs first without feeling selfish and you are so safe expressing yourself to people and saying "no" without guilt and drama. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens when I Pay?

You will receive an automatic email containing your access details - i.e. a link to Viona Haven Academy Membership site where all the files are hosted. If you don't receive anything (please check spam / junk folders as well!) in 30 mins, reach out to our team at

How do I log in to Witch Army to see my courses?

You log in with your simplero account. If you are a new student, you will receive an automatic email containing your login info after your purchase. 

Can I cancel anytime?

Wtich Army have a minimum commitment of three (3) months from the Start Date. After 3 months you can cancel at any time from your account page. If you get a yearly subscription, you can disable automatic renewal and your account will be closed at the end of the year.

Can I get a refund if I decide I don’t like Witch Army?

Because this is a digital program, all sales are final. We believe in full commitment, in order to help you get results. Hence, no refunds will be available. 

What is included in the membership?

You get unlimited access to 21+ lessons with manifesting magic, spells, guided meditations, PDFs + one brand new unit (audio, video, or ebook) every month. You will also get exclusive access to our Witch Army community. 

How long do I have access to the files for?

Forever! This is a self-study membership, so you can go through the materials a your own pace. All files are yours to keep forever, and we recommend watching and re-watching many times, until the new knowledge sinks in deeply and becomes second nature.