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 WITCH ARMY is perfect for you if:

  • You're a baby witch or full blown witch who always felt like the black sheep in the family.

  • You’re more “in tune” than most and yet life's so much harder than you know it could be 

  • You're going through a spiritual awakening. You feel that you're meant for something MORE, but have no clue what it is or where to start.

  • There is a special man in your life who you just can't stop thinking about - maybe you want to get him off your mind - but it's just too difficult. 

  • You're struggling with money anxiety (always worrying about bills, feeling like money is NEVER enough) and wondering when your financial situation will change.

  • You're constantly seeing repeating numbers, like 111 or 555, and have a feeling it's important (it is!)

Witch Army is a exclusive monthly membership for women who want to learn the basics, intermediate + advanced levels of Luciferian Witchcraft to awaken their dark feminine Lilith energies for manifesting money and twin flame love.


  • You feel so trapped because you're spending your life doing things you don't love doing; dragging yourself to a exhausting 9-5 job, paying bills, cleaning and cooking, watching Netflix, scolling through the newsfeed on facebook... looking for something but don't know what it is.

  • You're just so fucking BORED, you feel a chronic sense of wistful longing, as if something is missing, and are wondering "Is this it?! Isn't there more to life than THIS?!”.

  • You spiral into people pleasing because you suck at setting boundaries. You hate the idea of disappointing others but you end up feeling resentful and taken advantage. You’re so fucking over it and you don’t know how to break the cycle. 

  • You are sick and tired of dating because you always end up attracting lazy, passive men who fizzle out and ghost you after coming on strong at the start, and you can't help thinking "what's wrong with me?".

  • You feel anxious if a man doesn't text you back and gives you instant confirmation. You then become "needy"; vent to your friends about him, try to talk to him about the relationship which makes him withdraw even MORE, and you have absolutley no clue why he's behaving like this.

  • You struggle with navigating the ups and downs in your relationship or marriage, your twin is pulling away, playing video games, are working more, don't want to talk to you, touch you or even be in the same fucking room as you, and it makes you feel confused, sad and PISSED. 

  • You have a shit ton of anxiety around money, especially when unexpected expenses come up. You wonder if you're cursed because no matter what you do, money is never enough. It feels like the Universe is fucking you all over and it’s making you angry, and frustrated to the point of feeling physically sick sometimes. 

  • You have to resort to credit card payments, loans, late payments or refusing yourself the things you need or want because money is always an issue. Your bank account looks like a roller coaster and your stomach is in knots. You’re DONE with stressing out about money. You're OVER IT.


  • You are so safe and expansive. Your life feels like a magical fun disney movie. You receive compliments and gifts from men and complete strangers. You are going throughout your day with a deep knowing that you’re ALWAYS in the right place at the right time doing exactly what you’re doing.

  • You know exactly what your uniuqe gifts are. You know why you're here, what your true purpose in life is, what your next steps are and you are bubbling with excitement thinking about your bright future. 

  • You feel like the most powerful woman on the planet with rock-solid boundaries You put your needs first without feeling selfish and you are so safe expressing yourself to people and saying "no" without guilt and drama.

  • You are chased by masculine handsome men. You can just lean back, sipping on your favorite drink while men are calling you, texting you, asking you out and taking the lead in the relationship. You love how FUN and EASY dating is!

  • You are engaged with your twin flame. There is no doubt for him that you're his dream woman and he proves that every day by asking what you want and fulfill all your needs and desires. Your happiness is his happiness and that makes you feel wonderfully spoiled. 

  • Your friends are jealous abut your relationship. The spark is back. Your grumpy man is TRANSFORMED and are now showering you with romance, support, attention, gifts, flowers, and compliments. He's helping out at home more, surprices you with spa weekneds. You're finally a TEAM and you feel so happy, relaxed and safe.

  • Money anxiety no longer keeps you up at night. You're no longer consumed with thoughts of not having enough money, because even if unexpected expenses keep popping up, like your car breaks down or your kids needs braces, you KNOW what steps to take to attract extra cash. You know you are in control. 

  • You’re finally paying off some debt. You’re SAVING some money and feeling more secure about your finances. You trust and know that money is always there for you and you are attracting cash, pay raises, gifts, and amazing opportunities out of the blue and you feel so taken care of.


This is what you will get:

  • 1 x 90 min LIVE Workshop streaming every month + unlimited replays (join me live + the recording will be stored in the website for you to re-watch)

  •  Access to over 20+ hours videos/audio material on how to find your purpose and manifest money and twin flame love

  • 10 FREE guided meditations with raw channeling (no edits)

  • Library of past content, including workbooks + spells, rituals, meditations + trainings, all past live video recordings

  • 4 BRAND NEW psychic activation meditations every month

  • Private supportive forum community. A tight knit, inspiring witchy community that you can develop deep friendships in

  • Also get access to ALL magical content for my membership “Baby Witch Powers” Click here to see what’s included

  • NEW - loyalty program, for every three months in the Which Army, you will receive a custom gift.